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Jet Black Rim Brake

$1,025.00 - $2,235.00
  Jet Black Starting from our revolutionary 25mm-wide Jet Plus aluminum rim, we spent hundreds of hours testing and refining a new braking surface, called Turbine Braking Technology. With special machining and anodizing, the result a super clean...
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Stinger Disc Brake

$1,015.00 - $1,560.00
Stinger Disc Brake Disc brakes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They offer great braking in all weather, especially mud-laden cyclocross, dusty gravel races, and cold winter training rides. What do disc brake bikes deserve more than...
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Stinger Rim Brake

$1,015.00 - $2,092.00
 Stinger Is it possible to have a jack-of-all trades that actually excels at everything? Can something truly work well for almost any situation, athlete, race course, or weather forecast? They said it was impossible, but the Stinger delivers. ...
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