Nothing sets you and your HED wheels up for success like using the optimum tire size and pressure – regardless of whether you’re riding on a road, trail, or snow-covered field.  This page will help to guide you to the proper pressure for your bike based on the tire size, type of terrain, and your body weight.  

Please note that this only serves as a guideline, and your individual terrain, riding style, body weight, weather, and preferences will ultimately dictate the best pressure.  HED is not responsible for rim damage due to tire pressure that is too high or too low.  Also note that MAXIMUM pressure and recommended pressure are not the same thing, and inflating your tires to the maximum pressure will typically result in a reduction in ride quality, safety, and overall speed.


*NOTE: For 25mm-wide clincher aero disc wheels (Jet Plus Disc rim brake, Jet Disc BLACK, and Jet Plus Disc disc brake), the maximum tire pressure with TUBELESS tires is 80psi.  Max PSI value is for the narrowest tire listed.  For wider tires run lower PSI.





***Adding pressure for body weight:

Our charts are intended as a baseline but must be adjusted for rider body weight.  If the tire pressure is too low, the rim can bottom out on the ground, potentially causing damage and an unsafe riding condition. 

For every 20lbs of rider body weight beyond the maximum on our charts:

  • Add 5psi for road tires (25 - 30mm inflated width)
  • Add 2psi for MTB tires (2.0 – 3.0” inflated width)
  • Add 1psi for fat tires (3.8 – 5.0” inflated width)
  • Never exceed the maximum tire pressure of either your tire or rim (whichever is lower)