What PSI should I run in my tires?

Probably less than you think, tires on our 21mm internal rims have more air volume than they would on narrower rims. For road size tires the volume is about 25% higher than on a 17mm internal rims and 10% higher than 19mm internal rim. Increased air volume means lower air pressure, no increased rolling resistance, more comfort, more control and less body fatigue. Consult our PSI chart for HED’s recommendations. https://store.hedcycling.com/tire-pressure/

What bearings do I need?

Five pawl hubs and three pawl hubs dating back to 2013 use 6902 bearings. Three pawl hubs dating 2010-2012 use 1526 in the hub shell and 6902 in the cassette body. Numbers are on the rubber seal of the bearing, it is best to confirm size.

Front disc brake hubs use 6902. Current front rim brake hubs with radial lacing use 6900. 2015 and older front radial hubs use 6901. Again, numbers are on the rubber seal of the bearing, it is best to confirm size.

Can my wheel be converted to Shimano 11sp?

If your hub matches one of the five shown on this page https://store.hedcycling.com/11-speed-conversion/ then it can be converted. This covers the time period from roughly 2012-2015.

Can my wheel be converted to XD/XDr?

If the hubs on your current wheelset are silver they will not be convertible as these use a three pawl system and all our new hubs will use a 4 or 5 pawl hub. Most black hubs will be able to convert, it is best to remove the freehub body and inspect how many pawls your wheel has at this will tell you what part you will need (GP wheels all use 4 pawl and any non GP wheels will use a 5 pawl)

Can my wheels be set up tubeless?

Any of our new wheels will be tubeless compatible this includes any of our Plus models. Older 23mm wide C2 models are NOT safe to use with tubeless.

What do I need convert my hub to 15mm or 12mm thru axle or QR?

For any of our GP wheels you will need the following

Thru-Axle to Quick Release - https://store.hedcycling.com/gp-disc-brake-skewer-kit/

Quick Release to Thru-Axle - https://store.hedcycling.com/gp-thru-kit-front/

For any of our non GP wheels you will need to first know if the wheel is a 3 Pawl or 5 Pawl hub (4 pawl hubs would need the GP Kits) https://store.hedcycling.com/road-disc-brake-axle-kits/


12mm Thru-Axle to 15mm Thru-Axle - HU502FAxle

12mm Thru-Axle to Quick Release - HUCLQR-F

15mm Thru-Axle to 12mm Thru-Axle - HUCL12Kit-F

15mm Thru-Axle to Quick Release - HUCLQRKit-F

Quick Release to 12mm Thru-Axle - HU503FAxle

Quick Release to 15mm Thru-Axle - HU502FAxle


Quick Release to Thru-Axle 3 Pawl - HU501RAxle

Quick Release to Thru-Axle 5 Pawl - HU503RAxle

Thru-Axle to Quick Release 3 Pawl - HUCLQRKit3-R

Thru-Axle to Quick Release 5 Pawl - HUCLQRKit5-R


What is the maximum spoke tension for my wheel?

For road and gravel wheels max tension is 130 kgf on the rear drive side. Rear non-drive side should have even tension. We do not specify a non-drive side tension because that side is completely dependent on the correct drive side tension – it cannot be adjusted independently. Front rim brake spoke tension should be 110 kgf. Front disc brake brake side tension should be 120 kgf.

For Fat wheels tension should be 95kgf.

What tires/size do you recommend?

28mm actual width for Ardennes and Vanquish road use. For Jet wheels 25mm actual width is the fastest option, but only by a factor of about 3-4 seconds over 40km. Unless a podium step hangs in the balance, 28mm for Jets wheels is a very solid choice. The difference in speed will only work out to approximately .05kph per hour between 25 width and 28 width. Note that we are recommending ACTUAL MEASURED width, not labeled width.

Will your wheel fit in my bike?

Yes, tires are your concern. Older frames (5 -10 years ago, depending on the maker) don’t have the tire clearance common in more modern frames. If you are unsure about fit, measure your tire width with calipers – so that you have a starting point. Then gauge the clearance that you have with your existing set up. Use a set of allen keys as feeler gauges. Check clearance at the chainstays, fork crown, and rear brake bridge. When you find that one wrench fits and the next size up doesn’t, then you have your clearance number for the existing set up. On Plus wheels, most tires will measure 2-4mm wider than the labeled size, and they’ll be about 2-3 mm taller than the same tire on a narrower rim. You should have 3mm clearance minimum.

What spokes do I need for my wheel?

What the difference between a Belgium and an Ardennes?

Ardennes are HED’s complete wheel set that we hand build here in house. There are different Ardennes models with hub, rim extrusion, and spoke differences. Ardennes wheels are all 25mm external, 21mm internal widths. There are no options for customizing the different models. Belgium rims are just the HED rim that will be built into a custom wheel set by your local builder. Belgium rims come in one extrusion, the same as the rim brake model used for Ardennes. Hole counts are 24, 28, and 32.

Do your tubeless rims need tubeless tape?

Yes, it is supplied with the wheels. Use 2 layers of the supplied ivory colored tape or one of supplied black tape.