Jet Plus Disc Brake - Aero & Efficiency for All Conditions

First they were just for mountain bikes.  Then they migrated to 'cross bikes.  Then they slowly spread to road bikes.  Finally, it became clear that even TT and triathlon bikes would succumb.  What are we referring to? 

Disc brakes.  

They're seemingly everywhere.  While they're not a panacea and won't transform you from a couch potato to a pro rider, many people prefer the feel and function of disc brakes, especially in poor weather conditions.  

Unfortunately, there has also an issue that the vast majority of wheel companies don't offer any fast aero wheel options, outside of cost-prohibitive custom builds.  Why should disc brakes mean "un-aero" or anything less-than-fast?  They shouldn't.  Don't let them.  We can help. 

We offer several wheel options with disc brakes, including our reliable-and-fantastically-aero Jet Plus wheels.  

Our Jet Plus technology has quickly become the standard, pushing other manufacturers to play catch-up in wide designs.  They have a 25mm-wide rim, and are available at multiple depths - 46mm (Jet 4), 60mm (Jet 6), 90mm (Jet 9), and even the full-blown Jet Disc.  We use an all-black anodized rim with no rim braking surface, for the ultimate stealth look.

All Jet Plus Disc Brake wheels feature our own disc brake hubs, with Centerlock rotor compatibility for easy installation.  The front hub is available for all three axle standards - 15mm, 12mm, and quick release.  The rear hub is available in either 12mm thru axle, or 135mm quick release - with a Shimano, Campagnolo, or SRAM XD cassette body.  If none of that sounds like English to you, the take-home is this: Our wheels are compatible with your bike.

Jet Plus Disc Brake wheels are perfect for your TT or triathlon bike.  They're great for your aero road bike.  They're even very effective for gravel and endurance road bikes, optimizing aerodynamics with wide tires.  As an added bonus, you get all of the performance you want, but with the convenience of clincher tires - what's not to love?