Celebrate Cyclocross with the Hed CX Season Special!

If there's one thing we love at Hed, it's monster trucks.  If there's two things, it's monster trucks and cyclocross season.  Both bring a unique blend of dirt, mud, racing, beer, and good clean family fun.  What more could you want?

If you're looking for Hed to sponsor your local state fair monster rally, you're going to be disappointed.  However, if you're looking to celebrate cyclocross season and get yourself some new wheels, you've come to the right place.  For a limited time, we are offering a cross-tastic 20% discount on select CX wheels.  Details below!

Product Overview

We have a wide array of CX wheel options for any bike and budget.  We've got carbon.  We've got aluminum.  There are clinchers, tubulars, and even tubeless-ready clinchers.  Rim brakes?  Check.  Disc brakes?  You got it.  Thru axles and quick-release skewers and unicorns?  We can't scream "YES" loud enough.  

The Stinger 3 and 5 represent the top-of-the-heap in CX performance from Hed.  Their carbon fiber tubular rims are super light, and we even have a CX-specific rim available in both models - featuring a special wide tire bed that is made to perfectly match wide tires.  Rim brake and disc brake available.

Our versatile Ardennes line is often the star of our cyclocross show, offering incredible value in a sport that requires multiple sets of wheels.  Those seeking simplicity often choose our clincher Ardennes SL+, LT+, or CL+.  All feature the same tubeless-ready rim, and differ only in hub/spoke configuration.  Rim brake and disc brake available.

If you're looking for the secret weapon of CX racers worldwide, our tubular Ardennes SL, LT, and CL consistently deliver.  They feature a light weight, durable 22mm-wide rim - and are ready for some fresh glue and tires.  You can run the low tire pressures you want for maximum cornering grip, but without the constant worry of cracking an expensive carbon rim.  Rim brake and disc brake available.

For details on which wheels are available at the discount price, please see the chart below.  Call your local dealer now to order!

Hed has been passionately involved in 'cross for many years, and 2017 is no exception.  We will be cheering extra hard for former Hed employee / current pro cyclocross racer, Eric Thompson!