Belgium G (650b & 700c)

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The Gravel Bike Rims.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: gravel is all the rage! And with the increasing growth of gravel, HED has gone back to the drawing board to design and produce a gravel wheel builder's dream: the HED Belgium G.

The HED Belgium G continues the tradition of the Belgium Plus rims, first introduced by Steve Hed in the early 2010's, years before wide rims would go mainstream. Featuring a 25mm internal, 30mm external width, the Belgium G rims go to the next level of "wide", designed to suit a wide range tire options and gravel conditions. Versatility and quality – that's the HED standard.

Available in 700c and 650b options and a wide range of spoke hole count options, why settle for the same-old-same-old narrow rims out there? Start building with the gravel bike rims, the HED Belgium G's.


  • 700c and 650b options available
  • Spoke hole count options of 24H, 28H, 32H
  • Tubeless Compatible
  • Welded Seam


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Tom Dec 12th 2021

Excellent quality, weight, and durability

Use: This replaced a MTB XC rim on the rear of my gravel bike. I've put around two thousand miles on it now, probably 60/40 road/off road use. I ride a fair amount of moderately technical and rocky single track and fire road with 42mm tires. Pros: Super round and true out of the box; very easy wheel to build (I've built many over the years). Tubeless set-up required zero cursing. Very robust thus far, unlike the rims these replaced (S***'s C***t mk3) which cracked around all the drive side spoke holes within a few hundred miles, despite being built with immaculate detail to tension. Also, they look nice with understated graphics and a pleasing profile IMO. Cons: Why didn't I spec these to begin with? Bottom line: I plan on purchasing more when my front rim fails and also for a second wheelset. Great product.