Hed has a rich history in racing, and we've been proud to sponsor some of the best athletes in the world.  Whether it's the Tour de France, a professional cyclocross race, or even your local fat bike event, Hed products are consistently chosen by athletes who want the fastest and most reliable way to the finish line.

Our 2019 lineup is one of our best yet.  We have many long-time athletes returning yet again, such as US-based Rally Pro Cycling.  Please take a look below for our current roster, and follow our social media accounts (@HedCycling) for updates. 

Good luck to everyone rocking Hed gear out on the race course!


Road Teams





   rallythumbnail-athletepage.jpg velothumbnail-athletepage.jpg   orion-onbike.jpg  
Rally Cycling

Rally UHC Cycling

Discipline: UCI Professional Continental

Homebase: MN, USA

Wheels: Stinger Disc, Ardennes Disc

Insta: rallyuhccycling

Team Virtu Cycling

Discipline: UCI World Tour
Homebase: Denmark
Wheels: Stinger

Insta: Team VIRTU Cyling

Orion Racing
Homebase: Minnesota, USA
Wheels: Jet
Insta: Orionwomenscycling







   sandersthumbnail-athletepage.jpg  salthousethumbnail-athletepage.jpg  weissthumbnail-athletepage.jpg   
Lionel Sanders

Discipline: Triathlete
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Age: 29
WheelsJet PlusJet Disc Plus

Ellie Salthouse
Discipline: Triathlete
Location: Brisbane, AUS
Age: 24
WheelsJet Black/ Disc
Michael Weiss
Discipline: Triathlete
Location: CO, USA
Age: 36
WheelsJet Plus DB






  cheethamthumbnail-athletepage.jpg  kretzthumbnail-athletepage.jpg  davidplese-athletepage01.jpg   
Susie Cheetham

Discipline: Triathlete
Location: Bath, UK
Age: 30
Wheels: Jet Plus DB/ Disc

Amelie Kretz
Discipline: Triathlete
Location: Quebec, CAN
Age: 23
Wheels: Stinger 3Stinger 5

David Pleše

Discipline: Triathlete
Location: Velenje, Slovenia
Age: 33
Wheels: Jet BlackH3 Plus





Ivan Rana
Discipline: Triathlete
Location: Spain
Age: 37
Wheels: Jet Black



Fixed Gear Crit Teams





Discipline: Fixed Gear Crit
Homebase: Spain
Wheels: Stinger Track