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Presta Valve Adaptor

Ever wondered how you'll fit a pump head into the side of a full disk wheel to inflate a tire? This adapter is how! HED's Presta Valve Adapter makes air take a 90-degree turn so you can use your regular presta-valve bicycle floor pump to inflate your...

Valve Extenders

The HED premium valve extenders are designed for Presta valve stems with removable valve cores.  These extenders thread into the valve stem, allowing you to control whether the valve is shut or open. NOTE: We recommend pre-installing a spare...
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HED Fat Bike Skewers

HED fat bike skewers are the perfect compliment to your quick-release-compatible fat hubs.  Front is available in 135mm.  Rear is available in 170mm or 190mm.⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol-A, which...
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HED Road Skewers

Quick release skewers shouldn't complicate your life.  They hold your wheels on your bike.  They should be reliable, light, and smooth. Like these skewers from HED!   HED road skewers are available in the following options: 100mm...
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Rim Tape

Dual system rim tape for butyl and latex tubes as well as tubeless tires. This tape is adhesive on one side and smooth on the other, creating a system that is air-tight, thin, and strong.  We recommend 2 wrap around the rim for most setups. ...
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