HED Legacy Full-Zip Hoodie

Wear What You Ride. From travel to hopping off the trainer, let folks know you're ride or die for the best bike wheels with the HED Legacy Full-Zip Hoodie. With the iconic HED logo neatly set on the chest, wear "Proven Speed" on your sleeve. Fusing the...

HED Legacy T-Shirt

Wear What You Ride. The HED Legacy T-Shirt is for those who want to wear "Proven Speed" on their sleeve. Featuring the iconic HED logo on the upper left chest and emblazoned across the back, the Legacy T-Shirt let's you wear what you ride with pride...

HED Fleece Hat

The HED Fleece hat isn't fancy and doesn't need to be.  It's soft.  It wicks moisture.  It'll keep you warm without being bulky.  If you sweat a lot and never wash your hat, eventually it'll stink, too...so wash it from time to time...