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Aerobar Cups & Pads Kit

€115 - €123
Replace your worn out aerobar cups and pads with new HED cups and pads!  We offer two styles: Corsair, and Butterfly.  The Corsair cups are shorter front-to-back, while the Butterfly cups are longer front-to-back. The cups are 100% carbon...
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Corsair/ Cliplite Extensions

We offer three styles of carbon aerobar extensions - S-bend, Lazy-S, and J-bend.  All feature 22mm diameter extensions, and are compatible with both Corsair and Clip Lite aerobars.  Lenth is 305mm total, and weight is 100 grams per pair. The...
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Hed Hub Bodies

€51 - €154
We offer our cassette bodies as spare parts for aftermarket sale.  These are also known as a "freehub body", or just "freehub".  To make a long story short, this is the part that your actual cassette cogs mount to.  Why would you need a...
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Aerobar Cups

Replacement aerobar HED cups! We offer two styles: Corsair, and Butterfly. The Corsair cups are shorter front-to-back, while the Butterfly cups are longer front-to-back.The cups are 100% carbon fiber and includes mounting bolts.⚠️ WARNING: This...
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Hed True Speed Wheel Bags

€46 - €123
The Hed single wheel bag is a simple and stylish way to transport wheels or keep them clean while in storage. This is not a padded bag, and is intended to keep your wheels safe from surface scratches - but not intended to protect from large impacts or...
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Fat Bike Thru Axle Kits

€41 - €82
Our fat bike thru axle kits are compatible with Hed Brickhouse hubs.  The front is available in 15x135mm, while the rear is either 12x177mm, or 12x197mm.⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol-A, which is known...
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Road Disc Brake Axle Kits

€36 - €67
Thru axle conversion kit for Sonic Disc Brake hubs, for wheels such as the Ardennes, Jet, and Stinger Disc Brake. Note that this conversion kit works only on hubs made on or after ~August 2014. If you are unsure whether your wheel is compatible, please...
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GP Thru Kit Front

These are replacement front 12mm and 15mm thru axle end caps for the Ardennes Plus GP Disc Brake. This wheel set comes stock with 12mm end caps installed in to the front hub. If you lose your end caps, these will have you covered. We also sell a quick...
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Lollipop Aero Bottle Mount

HED invented the aerobar drinking system 15 years ago, and as is the case with many brilliant ideas, it was quickly co-opted.  The time has come for another brilliant idea: securely mount a standard bottle in a position that can be accessed without...
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